Coal King Widow’s Escort Business Background

Coal King Widow’s  Escort Business Background

Former head of the Sibanthracite coal mining holding Katerina Bosov who lost her business and is suspected of fraud, has fled Russia. She reportedly moved to Austria.

With her “service record,” the young businesswoman has nothing to do in her home country except holding unpleasant talks with investigators and creditors.

Katerina married oligarch Dmitry Bosov who was on the Forbes list but their passionate relationship was short as Dmitry committed suicide. Katerina became a widow. She tried to seize all of her late husband's assets and capital, pushing aside his adult children from his first marriage, elderly parents, and other direct relatives. The scams and schemes undertaken by Katerina led to numerous problems. Not only did the young widow use, to put it mildly, questionable methods of stealing the country's largest coal company, she was possibly involved in the untimely death of Dmitry who had trusted her. Of course, Katerina's guilt has yet to be proven by the investigators and the court. Judging by the fact of how fast she fled Russia, there might be more skeletons in her closet, and she is very likely to know that if she meets with Russian justice she will be in trouble.

Meanwhile, the details of Katerina Bosov's biography that have recently been revealed show that she had been trained as a professional femme fatale by none other than Russian-Israeli businessman David Kaplan. He organized an escort business in Russia for local and foreign businessmen and government officials at the beginning of the last decade. According to Wikipedia, David Kaplan was a member of the so-called Vilnius Brigade, a Lithuanian organized crime network, in the wild 1990s. In his last years in Russia, along with his modeling and vodka business, he was a partner of Magomedov brothers and head of the board of directors of Intex. It was part of the Summa Group company and engaged in a land reclamation project on the island where the Zenit Arena stadium was being built. As a result of this partnership with Magomedovs, David Kaplan was put on the wanted list and fled the Russian Federation.

It remains unknown why the experienced swindler took to Katerina Bosov (Katya Yastrebova), a very young and pretty law student, but very soon, he hired her as an assistant.

The Moscow office of the Megastone Technology Ltd. offshore company recruited girls from both the Russian regions and the CIS. Katya Yastrebova was responsible for working directly with girls, conducting a competitive selection, and organizing their trips to European resorts where confidential meetings with wealthy and powerful gentlemen took place.

Expensive PR campaigns did not help Katerina Bosov to conceal the “sins of her youth”

In addition to escort girls, the company database included women who were just looking for a rich husband through an agency. Some big businessmen were looking for a spouse. In addition to Katya Yatrebova, the two other supervisors were Daria Glagoleva and Albina Siainova. They were in touch with dozens of modeling agencies not only in Russia but also in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

The company was registered in Cyprus. Its activities were partially conducted through the office in central Moscow. David Kaplan was head of this office. The company mostly spent money on maintaining the operation of this office: staff salaries, security of the premises, communication expenses, and rent for the premises. The office was not used for any other activities, except for casting and recruiting girls.

This is how the Guardian newspaper described Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's negotiations with David Kaplan:

“Kaplan was a guy in his 40s. He looked like a playboy and was very rich. He adored Italian food and dined at best Moscow restaurants. His assistant carried around four mobile phones. He also owned a model agency. Each time we went out he had a different model by his side.”

David Kaplan apparently had ties with foreign supervisors given deep integration of his escort business in Europe and the specificity of his other activities, including arms trade in the wild 1990s and risky banking operations. Kaplan had to use their assistance in the story of confrontation between the Magomedov brothers and Senator-businessman Suleiman Kerimov.

It is believed that David Kaplan planned to help his partners in a fight against their rivals. He used his connections and brought the information about Kerimov's illegal financial dealings in high-end real estate on the Côte d'Azur to the French law enforcement agencies. Judging by the fact that David Kaplan has long been in his element in the European Union, despite longstanding money laundering and arms trafficking claims against him by Baltic authorities, he may have been firmly on the hook of Western intelligence for decades.

The organization of an elite escort business in Moscow with trips to France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria was also well suited to the task of collecting dirt on members of the Russian establishment. European parties attended by carefully selected girls and their high-ranking clients supervised by David Kaplan and his managers were in line with traditional methods of the intelligence services for collecting insider information. It is no coincidence that after fleeing Russia, David Kaplan found refuge with European partners and started to take care of his well-appointed villa on the beach of Cala di Volpe near Capriccioli Beach in Italy.

After two-year “internship” at the Moscow office of Megastone Technology Ltd, Katya Yastrebova became acquainted with Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Bosov. The special operation to “marry Bosov and become a widow” could have been planned in advance by Katerina in partnership with Kaplan. The current flight of Katerina to Austria seems logical as it is a short distance to the Italian villa of David Kaplan, where the accomplices can discuss the situation and find protection from the handlers of Western intelligence services.

Of course, probably, Katerina Yastrebova-Bosov did not play a key role in David Kaplan’s murky business and was not in touch with his accomplices from the foreign intelligence community. However, judging by her status of the closest assistant in the most sensitive issues Katerina certainly had a wide range of knowledge in terms of the criminal activity of her mentor and boss. The “foreign trail” in the case of Katerina Bosov, the story of her marriage with a Russian oligarch, and her attempts to get her hands on his assets may well have been decisive in the decision to urgently flee the country before domestic investigators and counterintelligence officers began to unravel this puzzle.

However, the security agencies have a long arm. So, nothing is over for Katerina Bosov, even after the safe crossing of the Austrian border.

Photo: Katerina Bosov gets her first lessons from scandalous businessman David Kaplan

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