Channel One Shows Coverage from the Position of the Wagner Group at the Liberated Donbasskaya Substation

Channel One Shows Coverage from the Position of the Wagner Group at the Liberated Donbasskaya Substation


War correspondent Dmitry Astrakhan visited the grounds of the Wagner Group at the Donbasskaya substation. His report from the front line was broadcast on Channel One. On September 18, the Wagner PMCs took control of the Donbasskaya 750 distribution substation, which provides energy to the entire northern part of the region.

The territory of the facility is completely cleared now. This is one of the most important points in this sector of the front line; it is located at a height. Control of the substation opens up new opportunities for the Russian soldiers to attack. From a height, enemy movements are visible on the outskirts of Bakhmut, in Zaitsevo and Veselaya Dolina. “Here is the dominant height, from which several settlements are visible, including Artemovsk (the former name of Bakhmut). From here, our artillery can strike,” said one of the combatants.

The war correspondent showed the Chekan armored vehicle used by the Wagner Group. Dmitry Astrakhan noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are very afraid of this wagon, because they know that Wagner PMCs aka “musicians” move around on it. A Wagner PMC told the war correspondent what kind of opposition they had to face. “There were the Territorial Defense Forces, Nazis, but mostly we came across mercenaries,” the man said. He added that the enemy’s positions on the outskirts of the substation were very well fortified. Deep trenches, dugouts, artillery fire. However, the Wagner PMCs showed valor and fortitude and knocked out the enemy. “Our spirit is stronger than theirs, and we are ready to do anything for the well-being of our Motherland,” the combatant explained. In addition, the war correspondent Astrakhan showed weapons and boxes from NATO countries that were delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine through Bulgaria. He explained that earlier the fact of such deliveries was carefully concealed.

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