CEC Turns Down Communists’Appeal to Disqualify Butina

CEC Turns Down Communists’Appeal to Disqualify Butina

Photo: http://tass.ru

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation (CEC) has dismissed the Communist Party’s Kirov branch petition to disqualify State Duma election candidate from United Russia Maria Butina.

The CEC refused to disqualify Maria Butina from running in the parliamentary election following the Communists’ complaint

Photo by: TASS

In response to the Communist Party’s (CRPF) complaint, CEC Deputy Chairman Nikolai Bulayev said that all documents of Maria Butina had been checked and there were no grounds for removing her from the election, Znak.com reported.

The CRPF party requested that the CEC check Maria Butina for “grave violations of the federal law on the State Duma elections.” Party members pointed out that Butina’s declaration listed bonds of 34 companies from different countries with a total value of 24 million rubles ($326,640,).

According to the Russian legislation, a State Duma candidate must close his or her accounts, stop keeping money and valuables in foreign banks located outside Russia, and dispose of foreign financial institutions by the time he or she submits documents to the election commission.

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