CAR Government Honors Russian Instructors for Help in Fighting Terrorists

CAR Government Honors Russian Instructors for Help in Fighting Terrorists


Central African Republic parliament speaker Simplice Mathieu Saranji has handed a letter of gratitude to Alexander Ivanov, Head of the Officers Union for International Security (OUIS), in a solemn ceremony. The Russian instructors were thanked for their help in the fight against the terrorist groups that had almost torn the country apart

As the republic fought for its freedom, Russian instructors provided training for the national armed forces which finally achieved a turning point of the war and defeated gangs of terrorists, mercenaries and marauders.

“The Russian instructors have shown effective performance in the battle that our people have been fighting against terrorists with the help of the armed forces (FACA) and the defense and security forces (FDS) for several years, especially in the process of recapturing most of the territories occupied by the militants,” says the letter written and signed by Simplice Mathieu Saranji.

“On behalf of all the nation's elected representatives and on my own behalf, I warmly congratulate you, thank you for your courage, and express our continued support in the pursuit of your goal. Your noble mission and its results are recognized by the people we are privileged to represent in the National Assembly. Please, accept the assurances of my highest consideration.”

Ivanov thanked the representatives of the CAR for their trust and support and expressed confidence that the Officers’ Union would only grow stronger.

The victory over the terrorists in the CAR became historic without any exaggeration for the Russian instructors, often referred to by the western press as Wagner Group mercenaries, and their African allies. It seemed incredible that in such a short time, the Russians and Africans would defeat the terrorist groups plaguing the republic. However, this has happened for real. Russians and Africans have written their names in history, and the long-awaited peace has come to the tormented country.

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