Blowing up Russia from Within and Overthrowing Putin Might be Key Goal of Western countries, Says Political Scientist

Blowing up Russia from Within and Overthrowing Putin Might be Key Goal of Western countries, Says Political Scientist


After Maia Sandu came to power in Moldova and replaced Igor Dodon as President, the country has fallen into line with those ones whom many political scientists and experts call not only unfriendly to Russia but also a kind of tool in hands of the West implementing its short-term plans.

As they say, the plan might be aimed at overthrowing the current Russian government represented by Vladimir Putin.

Interestingly, Maia Sandu took the first steps towards reducing Russian influence in the country actually before taking office. The official inauguration ceremony will take place only on December 24th. In an interview after the announcement of the results of presidential elections, she spoke in favor of the withdrawal of a Russian military peacekeeping contingent from the breakaway unrecognized Dniester Republic (formally Moldova’s Transnistria region). The troops are placed there with a peacekeeping mission. Civilian observers under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) might appear there instead of the Russian soldiers.

Such statements as “to blow up Russia from within and to overthrow President Putin” made by Maia Sandu, the incoming President of the Republic of Moldova, have been repeatedly discussed in the media. However, political scientist Konstantin Sivkov suggests that we should look at the situation from a slightly different angle. To his thinking, Maia Sandu’s statements indicate that Chisinau is likely to join soon the anti-Russian policy of the Western countries and a number of Pro-Western forces. Ultimately, it pursues one specific goal. "Their goal is to overthrow Putin," Sivkov said. At the same time, he recalled the well-known fact that Maia Sandu took a rather rigid pro-Western position.

“Today, it is quite easy to organize a complete blockade of Transnistria,” Sivkov said. “The situation in the region might become even worse than in Leningrad in 1941 since this territory is completely blocked by Moldova and Ukraine. What Russia is going to do in this case is highly questionable taking into account the fact that about 50% of the inhabitants of Transnistria are Russian citizens.”

In Sivkov’s opinion, regardless of the further actions of the parties, it is obvious that the current anti-Russian policy of Western countries pursues only one important goal.

“Chisinau already believes that they can take risk of speaking with Moscow from a position of strength,” Sivkov said. “In general, quite smart people are working there. All these moves are aimed at blowing up Russia from the inside and then at overthrowing Vladimir Putin. Therefore, a liberal regime loyal to Western countries might be brought into power. Chances are the plan will be to turn Russia against China immediately after that.”

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