Bishops Award Business Patrons at Admiral's Reception in Honor of Admiral Ushakov

Bishops Award Business Patrons at Admiral's Reception in Honor of Admiral Ushakov


On Monday, December 26, the Admiral Council of the Church of the Holy Righteous Warrior Theodore Ushakov, which is being built with the support of Russian philanthropists and top managers, hosted a reception at the Central House of the Russian Army with the participation of hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC,) the leadership of the Russian Navy and top managers of Russian companies.

We will tell you what is unique about this temple and how it united top managers, bishops and admirals

What is Unique About Ushakov Center

The Holy Warrior Theodore Ushakov Temple Center is the biggest project of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian business that brought together businessmen, patrons of the Moscow Business Council, top Russian Navy executives and hierarchs of the Holy Synod. It will be one of the first centers of this scale, which in addition to the temple will include a museum and exhibition complex, a parochial school and a space for lectures, seminars and educational activities.

The temple project would not have succeeded without the tremendous support of Russia's top management and business community: even at the planning stage, Moscow and Moldovan businessmen offered their assistance in an absolutely disinterested way, providing equipment and finances for the construction.

As business ombudswoman of Moscow Tatyana Mineeva said in her address to the audience, the true economic patriotism of entrepreneurs is manifested in their unwillingness to leave the country in a difficult moment and help projects such as the Church of St. Theodore Ushakov.

Why Ushakov

The admiral is a special figure for the Russian Orthodox Church, and the choice of him as the saint for the new temple was far from random. In difficult times, the country needs heroes more than ever who unequivocally embody virtue and patriotism, capable of uniting a disparate society in working toward a common cause. Admiral Ushakov is perhaps the clearest example of such a hero. In all his battles he did not lose a single sailor prisoner and did not lose a single battle.

Ushakov was also an example of patronage, actively donating to the restoration of Russian villages, which is why his figure has become iconic.

In his salutatory address, Metropolitan Vikenty of Tashkent and Uzbekistan recalled the great role of the saint in the glorification of the Russian state and Orthodoxy. The exploits of the admiral, according to Vikenty, inspire today's Russians to honor the defenders of the Fatherland.

Fedor Ushakov was an example not only of a righteous life (the last years of which Ushakov spent in a monastery), but also of patronage of the arts – Ushakov actively donated to the restoration of villages.

Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov stated that Ushakov's soul never left his memorials, and his relics were divided between the Russian navies as a sign of respect.

Archpriest Leonid Kalinin said that the admiral never started a battle without looking at the church calendar – and thus connected the earthly with the heavenly, winning victory after victory.

It was Ushakov's famous words about the formidable storms, which are destined to turn to the glory of Russia. The bishop Krasnoslobodsky and Temnikovsky Archimandrite Clement (bishop of the same diocese, where the relics of the saint rest) reminded about this and the admiral's amazing modesty.

Awarding Businessmen

In his welcoming speech at the awards ceremony, Metropolitan Vikenty of Tashkent and Uzbekistan and honorary abbot of the Temple in honor of the Holy Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov recalled the role of the construction of the Temple in perpetuating the memory of the Admiral.

In his report, the Deputy Minister of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow region, Anatoly Maltzan, and a member of the Moscow Entrepreneurs Council, head of the initiative group of the Temple project Dmitry Shlopak told about the progress of construction of the temple and the current progress.

To date, the project has already involved more than 100 active figures. In addition to the Admiral Council and the Moscow Council of Entrepreneurs, the Moscow Business Ombudsman's Office is also interested in it. Since August the project has raised over 25 million rubles ($344,827.75) out of 200 million ($2.76 mln) calculated to fully cover the work.

Among those awarded with personal icons, ROC medals and certificates of honor were the president of the ZENDEN group of companies Andrey Pavlov, president of Migas Artur Terisayan, head of Metallservice Oleg Turpenko, CEO and commercial director of the Interium digital agency Valery Sidorenko and Andrey Ermoshkin and Deputy Minister of Moscow Region Anatoly Maltzan.

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