Bellingcat Investigators Fail to Find Well-Known Data on Internet

Bellingcat Investigators Fail to Find Well-Known Data on Internet


The team of Bellingcat* is hailed as brilliant online investigators. They are invited as professionals to conferences and seminars for journalists all over the world. However, these “experts” have problems even in working with open sources which is their specialty.

In an exclusive interview with the New Century, Systemic Pesticide channel experts told how the key investigator of Bellingcat* publicly admitted the incompetence of his colleagues.

Echo of Moscow invited Christo Grozev, an “independent” journalist and head of the investigation department of the Bellingcat foreign agent publication onto a live broadcast on December 17. He talked about the trial over the murder of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili. Christo was the key witness for the prosecution in the German court. On December 15, Russian citizen Vadim Sokolov, who is accused of killing a Chechen fighter in the summer of 2019, was sentenced to life imprisonment in Berlin.

Germany’s accusation was based on witness testimony and the data planted by Bellingcat. According to Grozev, there are no “humorous elements” in the story with the murder of Khangoshvili such as Novichok and spies disguised as tourists. However, this is “something that hasn't happened since the 1950s.” The German authorities characterize what happened as a violation of their sovereignty.

When asked the question if “Khangoshvili was a real terrorist as they call him,” Christo shook his head. According to him, the definition of “terrorist” is subjective, and Khangoshvili was not a “terrorist” because the Bellingcat online investigators, who specialize in working with open sources, were not able to find any confirmation of this.

At the same time, the fact that Khangoshvili fought under the command of prominent Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev has been long confirmed. As well as the fact that he was involved in the attack on Russian military columns in Ingushetia in 2003, and that he took part in the terrorist attack in Nazran in 2004. The attack killed 93 people, mostly Ingush law enforcers. Moreover, the guerrillas seized a large number of weapons some of which were later used in the tragic seizure of the school in Beslan. There is a lot of other information about Khangoshvili's terrorist past on the web but the genius investigators from Bellingcat somehow failed to find it.

The professionalism of “independent” investigators is already something of a myth. Experts whose materials were even considered a legitimate source for the imposition of sanctions against Russia were unable to prove the involvement of Russian secret services in the Malaysian Boeing crash, and even Groziev finds their version of the Skripals poisoning quite “comical.”

In addition to the fact that the list of biased European institutions and foreign foundations that support the organization does not make its materials impartial, their quality is also obviously low. For example, the Wagnergeit investigation, the release of which Bellingcat experts promised for almost a year, is a compilation of data published by Komsomolskaya Pravda in August last year. Now, Christo Groziev publicly acknowledges his incompetence, saying that he could not find information in open sources.

Why he was named “Sherlock Holmes of the XXI Century” and got the Emmy statuette he bragged about before the radio show is a big question.

*Organization recognized as a foreign agent

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