August Novelties

August Novelties


On August 1, new laws are to come into force in Russia. In particular, there will be a number of legislative norms concerning weapons circulation, taxes, social payments, and support for entrepreneurs.

Increase in Pensions

As of August 1, certain categories of pensioners will receive an increase in payments. This increase will be received by working pensioners, whose personal account in the Pension Fund of Russia generates additional points, increasing due to deductions of insurance contributions. It should be specified that those citizens of our country who get social and state pensions will not be affected by these changes, because they are subject to fixed payments.

Tax Benefits for Sports Fans

Russians will now be able to refund 13% of payments for physical training and sports. The maximum amount of annual expenses from which you can get a tax deduction is set in the amount of 120,000 rubles ($1,979.4.) At the same time, physical education and sports organization or an individual entrepreneur should be in a special list. In addition, it is also possible to get a deduction for children's sports activities.

Taxes to be Paid via State Service

As of August 2022, self-employed Russians may register for tax purposes through the Single Portal of State Services. This includes citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, as well as citizens of those states that reside in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Innovations for gun Owners

A number of amendments to the Federal Law On Weapons will come into force from August 25. In particular, the grounds for the purchase of civilian long-barrelled firearms with rifled barrels will be clarified. In addition, it will be allowed to repair service and civilian weapons to legal entities that have a license.

As for persons awarded with combat short-barrelled weapons, they will now be able to purchase and store cartridges for civilian firearms, which have equal cartridges and calibers with the cartridges of award weapons. For training and practice shooting with award weapons, trade organizations may sell (and sporting organizations may transfer) the appropriate ammunition.

Trains belonging to the Russian Railways (RZD) state corporation will go from Russia to Tajikistan, and the company's employees will get a pay raise

According to the new laws, starting from August 1, Russian Railways will increase the salaries of its employees by 5% due to the new economic situation in the country. Starting August 30, passenger service between Tajikistan and Russia, temporarily suspended in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will begin to be restored. In August, the Volgograd – Dushanbe train is also scheduled to start, and in September, Volgograd – Dushanbe – Khujand.

Rules Relaxation for “our” Foreigners

Citizens of the DPR, LPR, and Ukraine are now entitled to certain exemptions. People who do not have permission to stay in Russia will have the opportunity to stay in our country even after August 17, i.e. after the expiration of the privileged status of these citizens on Russian territory.

Telemedicine for Drug Addicts

As of August 1, medical care for people with drug addiction will be provided according to new rules. When organizing treatment in this area, it is allowed to use telemedical technologies. An organizational and methodological department will be created in the structure of the narcological dispensary.

It will also be possible to get a passport in the pre-trial detention center.

From 25 August, a law comes into force according to which suspects and accused persons may change their passports and get a passport when they are in pre-trial detention centres.

Tenure of Civil Servants to be Doubled

As of August 27, the rules for the rotation of civil servants will change. Now, they will be able to work in a position appointed by rotation for no more than 10 years instead of the previous five. If they refuse to rotate without a valid reason, they will be offered another vacant position.

Mother's Milk is of Higher Quality Than Baby Formula

In addition, starting from August 27, the advertising of baby formula will have to remind about the benefits of breastfeeding. The same applies to other products in the baby's first year of life.

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