Armed Conflicts Might Start in Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan in 2021, Says Russian Economist

Armed Conflicts Might Start in Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan in 2021, Says Russian Economist


Political crisis in Belarus has been going on for almost three months now. During this time, neither the opposition nor the authorities have managed to consolidate their positions in this confrontation.

Certainly, the government tried to harshly suppress the protest. The preconditions for assistance to Alexander Lukashenko were also discussed by Moscow. In this case, it decided to adopt a wait-and-see approach. Some experts even say that the Kremlin has been recently very dissatisfied with the Belarusian President. Therefore, it sees nothing wrong with the scenario where he has to quit. To a certain extent, Lukashenko himself understands this. He clearly realizes that in this case he might have no political future. In addition, he risks facing much more serious problems and, therefore, is not going to retreat. Most likely, it is this fact that paves the way for an aggravation of the situation.

The current affairs are no less complicated in neighboring Moldova. The political environment is red-hot and the risk of a Belarusian scenario is looming. There is even an opinion that there will soon be a wave of “fires” in the former Soviet republics which might bring them to the brink of existence in the shape outside observers have gotten used to.

For example, according to the Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin, the story of confrontation in Belarus is still far from a finale. In his opinion, the situation in the republic is likely to become even hotter in the short term. Moreover, to his thinking, many countries of the former USSR might become zones of armed conflict in the coming years, and this will happen to them as early as 2021. Delyagin made this prediction on air of the Moscow-based Aurora radio in a call-in show.

For example, according to Delyagin, in the near future, the world is heading for a whole series of conflicts, and military operations in Belarus might become one of them. According to Delyagin, chances are the Republic of Belarus will “flare up” within the next 12 months, that is, until October 2021. Moreover, he believes that in this case the wave of conflicts will start in Moldova rather than in Belarus. Then it might spread to other former Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan. Moreover, Delyagin says that the armed conflict in Moldova might start not at the behest of Joe Biden, who is widely seen as U.S. President-Elect, but directly the order of his competitor, President Donald Trump.

Delyagin underlines that the main idea behind liquidation of the Republic of Belarus and its leader Alexander Lukashenko is to restore an iron curtain between Russia and the West. In addition, he said, there is another extra element in this process which is also of interest to the USA. This is supposedly a change of power in Germany, as Washington wants to eliminate the competitive industry in this European country.

Howsoever, this whole chain of apocalyptic armed conflicts, Delyagin says, will start with Moldova. He even reminded that not so long ago Vladimir Putin also mentioned this country in connection with the situation in Belarus. Commenting on the enormous external pressure on Alexander Lukashenko's regime, Vladimir Putin said that the imposition of political steps from the outside is unacceptable. This, according to the Russian President, fully applies to the recent events in Kyrgyzstan, as well as to the dangerous situation that has developed in Moldova where a rather serious internal political struggle is unfolding.

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