April Novelties

April Novelties

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Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin reported on the laws to come into force in Russia on April 1. They concern pensioners, whose social pensions will be indexed, teenagers from the age of 14 who will now be able to register themselves on the portal of public services, and the system of quick payments through which it will become easier to make payments.

In April of this year, as Vyacheslav Volodin, Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, writes in his Telegram channel, several laws will come into force at once. They are primarily aimed at supporting Russian citizens and businesses. In particular, social pensions from April will be indexed at 8.6%. This law will affect 4 million Russians. Recall that previously pensions have already been indexed to military pensioners and non-working civilian pensioners.

The bulk of fake news has recently appeared on the Internet, which distorts the actions of several Russian government agencies abroad. This has an extremely negative effect not only on Russian society, but also on the attitudes of citizens in foreign countries. That is why, starting April 5, a law will come into effect that stipulates responsibility for replicating false information about Russian government bodies. The law primarily affects the work of embassies, the prosecutor's office, the Emergencies Ministry, the Federal Guard Service, and the Investigative Committee. A person now can be put in prison for up to three years for the dissemination of deliberately false information.

Volodin particularly noted the law, which has already been in force since March 26. Participants of the special military operation in Ukraine, as well as in the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR,) are recognized as veterans of combat operations. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that makes it possible for these Russians to benefit from tax, transport, land and housing social support measures. This category of citizens will now be able to pay for utilities on preferential terms.

In addition, Volodin stressed that at a time when soldiers and officers are defending the sovereignty of Russia and ensuring the safety of our citizens, it is very important to provide care and attention to servicemen and their families.

At the end of March, as Volodin specified, the government decided to abolish personal income tax on interest income that citizens receive on deposits in banks in 2021-2022.

The luxury tax will now affect those owners of cars who have purchased them since January 1, 2022. The value of cars subject to luxury taxation is increased to 10 million rubles ($119,630) and more. Previously, this figure was 3 million rubles ($35,889.)

When calculating the tax on property and land plots of both individuals and organizations, the cadastral value will be fixed at the level of January 1 of this year.

Foreign medicines can be brought into our country under a simplified procedure.

It was decided that IT companies will be exempt from income tax for two years (2022-2024).

As the official website of the State Duma states, banks that are members of the Faster Payments System (FPS) are required to take measures so that citizens can use a mobile application to make money transfers from an individual to a legal entity, including the transfer of funds to an individual entrepreneur, thus making it possible to pay for various goods and services provided.

Parents or guardians who have registered on the Gosuslugi portal will be able to register their children under the age of 14 there. Teenagers who have already turned 14 years old are now allowed to register themselves on this site. To do this they will have to enter their passport data, telephone number, e-mail and personal insurance policy number (SNILS).

The main legislative acts that came into force at the end of March and will come into force in April, as you can see, are primarily aimed at supporting Russian citizens, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, as Volodin emphasized, other legislative acts are being prepared that will be aimed at improving the lives of Russians.

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