AFU is Trying to Impede Wagner Group Advance, said Ukrainian Prisoner

AFU is Trying to Impede Wagner Group Advance, said Ukrainian Prisoner


Wagner Group’s assault troops continue to advance in the Bakhmutskiy district of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR.) As a result of the offensive near Zaitsevo, several Ukrainian servicemen from the 58th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) were captured.

One of the captives, Denis Feshchenko, described the situation on the other side of the front, and also explained how the mobilization in Ukraine was going on. The video with him was published in the Brussinf Telegram channel.

“As our commander says, we are afraid of a breakthrough by the Wagner Group. That is why a huge number of Ukrainian forces are being drown up to the Bakhmut direction. They say if the Wagner Group mercenaries are not contained, they will reach the Dnieper. I agree as I have seen their work. They are devils,” said the Ukrainian military officer.

According to him, the military command of Kiev expects to hold its positions near Bakhmut by all means. The leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces spares no effort to accomplish this task.

“We don't count losses at all. The main thing, as the command says, is to keep the Wagner Group in this direction. If we don't do it, they'll be at Dnepr,” he said.

According to him, mobilization on the territory of Ukraine turned into a banal gathering of everyone who came to hand. Neither health problems nor lack of experience saved from being sent to the front.

“I got a summons and signed it. I tried to get out of it in every way, because I had a heart problem. I was 100% unfit for military service, but when I went to the medical commission, the doctor said that there was an order that everyone was fit. We have some guys in our unit that are older and cannot even load a cartridge. They are just taking everyone,” said a Ukranian citizen who was mobilized.

After being put into the field, he and similar recruits were brought to positions near Zaitsevo in the Bakhmutskiy district of the DPR. They were given a minimum of weapons and provisions and left behind. Eventually they were taken prisoner by the Wagner Group fighters.

“I was captured when they took us to the positions in Zaitsevo. There were six of us there. Five of us were taken, and one was missing. Maybe, he escaped. A man left us a radio set without any information, and we just sat there. We were shelled and could not even get out. Then these guys came and said they were from the Wagner Group. They didn't do anything to us. They just tied our hands.

“We were bombed, but no one helped us, even though we asked for help. We asked for a car to take us away, but nobody answered.

“I was given a machine gun with a hundred rounds of ammunition. The commander said that they would give us more equipment ammunition, but they didn't give us anything. A hundred rounds of ammunition is just 30 seconds or even less. No combat rations, nothing. Even nicknames were not given to us. They just left us,” said a Ukrainian soldier.

Earlier, military experts as well as correspondents reported that the Ukrainian army was redeploying additional forces to the Bakhmut area. The Ukrainian military and political leadership believes that the strengthening of its positions in this section of the front should prevent the Wagner Group units, which are successfully advancing deep into the Donetsk people's republic, from breaking through.

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