AFU Counterattack on Kherson Fails

AFU Counterattack on Kherson Fails


According to media reports, a fairly powerful attack by the AFU in the Nikolayev and Kherson Regions started right before the direct order of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

It is noteworthy that the head of Ukraine gave the order to plan another suicidal counterattack back in early July, and the redeployment of AFU manpower as well as reservists and equipment to these areas was carried out. Ukrainian servicemen have already had time to undergo training, meeting Western standards.

These groups occasionally attacked the positions of allied forces in the aforementioned areas, especially in the Nikolayev Region, but did not take any active action. According to military experts, such troubling military “forays,” are usually undertaken to lure the enemy out and discover their location.

Then this suicidal attack by the AFU began. It was not on Kherson itself, but to the northeast, from Krivoy Rog along the Ingulets River.

According to military expert Vladislav Shurygin, the AFU command hoped that Ukrainian troops would be able to break through to Berislav and Novaya Kakhovka in order to “block the supply routes” of the Russian military through the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant dam, and that was the reason the AFU strikes were intensified there in the last 24 hours.

That information was leaked from NATO the day before. Most likely, it was a deliberate leak, that the counterattack by the AFU would include a combination of both ground and air operations.

And so it began. The first attempt by Ukrainian troops to launch a powerful counteroffensive collapsed in the very first hours. Accordingly, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the utter failure of this hopeless military action. The two-component operation, involving ground and air attacks, essentially ended with nothing. The results of the counteroffensive are sad.

“As a result of active defense of a group of Russian troops, the AFU suffered very serious losses. During the fighting 26 Ukrainian tanks, 23 infantry fighting vehicles and 9 other armored fighting vehicles were destroyed. Two Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down. The enemy lost over 560 servicemen,” the Russian military commented on another Ukrainian military failure as follows.

According to military experts, since Ukrainian troops were absolutely unprepared for such a counterattack, no other outcome could have been expected. Moreover, even Western analysts warned about it in advance. That is, such a “counterattack” was doomed from the very beginning to failure due to the fact that the Kherson direction was significantly reinforced by both heavy equipment and personnel of allied troops. Recently, up to 30 battalions of military tactical groups had been stationed there, and experts estimated that at least 20,000 Russian military personnel had been concentrated in the Kherson Region alone.

According to Lukas Holovanov, an analyst of the military and analytical company Oryx, the Ukrainian assurances of a counterattack were part of another propaganda campaign. He believes that by building up forces specifically in the Nikolayev direction, Kiev intended to convince the Russian command of the seriousness of its intentions, but the Russian troops strengthened their defense even more, and the Donbass military forces were also pulled up. It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian side has yet to admit defeat. Moreover, it declares that four villages have been occupied.

As Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Civil-Military Administration of the Kherson Region, said, the outcome of this whole “utopia” was obvious and predestined. Stremousov questions whether all these sacrifices for the sake of money, which “the Ukro-Nazis pocket,” have absolutely no regard for existing realities. According to him, Zelensky played at being a hetman, and “the price of these games” is tens of thousands of ruined lives and destinies.

“Once again we responsibly declare that Kherson was, is and will be ours. We continue to establish a peaceful life and prepare for reunification with Russia,” Stremousov said in conclusion.

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