Africa Becomes Hostage of Anti-Russian Sanctions by U.S., Says Political Analyst

Africa Becomes Hostage of Anti-Russian Sanctions by U.S., Says Political Analyst


More than 80 million Africans have experienced food shortages. Western politicians and experts attributed the deficit of goods and their high cost to the special military operation in Ukraine, although Moscow is ready to maintain the previous supply volumes that have dropped significantly due to the imposed sanctions.

Gevorg Mirzayan, associate professor of political science at the Financial University under the Russian government, made a comment on the roots of African problems. He also explained why, despite Western efforts, Africans are more willing to cooperate with Russia, gradually getting rid of vestiges of the colonial era.

The geopolitical strategy of Western countries, led by the United States, involves confrontation with Russia, hence the groundless accusations of creating a food crisis, said Mirzayan. As a result, the most vulnerable countries, including those in Africa, suffer.

African importers have problems conducting financial transactions with Russian suppliers, and some carriers openly boycott deliveries of Russian goods. Mirzayan believes that it was caused by the sanctions, and the famine in Africa is the result of them.

Africans themselves are eager to do business with Russians. On the eve of the second economic forum Russia-Africa, the countries of the Dark Continent show great interest in this event and expect to use it to conclude lucrative contracts.

Cooperation with Africans is not limited to the economic sphere. Russian instructors that are often referred to in the press as members of the Wagner Group have helped the Central African Republic to get out of a deep crisis. They trained the local military to fight against radicals, which eventually allowed the army to return peace to the country.

At the same time, Russia does not interfere in internal affairs with its African partners. Mirzayan underlined that Moscow does not impose its own rules, as France and the U.S. did. The Africans like a partnership on an equal footing with the Russians, as evidenced by the growing number of requests for cooperation with our country.

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