Aeroflot Tells When International Flights Could be Resumed

Aeroflot Tells When International Flights Could be Resumed


Yulia Spivakova, an official spokesperson of the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot, has told Rossiya-24 TV Channel about the approximate dates of resumption of international air traffic.

The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection, which also affected Russia, has seriously changed the usual life of the vast majority of people in this country. Almost all regions have imposed self-isolation on their residents. Moscow City introduced pass control procedures. The “non-working” days have lasted more than a month. In addition, Russia’s state borders remain closed.

Many people wonder when all the lockdown measures will be over. At a meeting at the beginning of May, Vladimir Putin discussed this issue with the government and governors. During the video-conference the participants decided that some of the quarantine measures could be lifted gradually as of from May 12.

It is worth noting that this decision had a reservation saying “depending on the epidemiological situation.” Unfortunately, the statistics in the days that followed was not very optimistic: the number of new COVID-19 cases suddenly began to spike. For example, 11,231 cases were registered in Russia on May 7.

Experts' predictions for when the epidemic is likely to be over in Russia differ widely. So, at the moment, the situation in Russia looks uncertain. Meanwhile, some day or other, the country will be compelled to return to business as usual, because every new day spent under the lockdown drastically affects the national economy.

However, business representatives are also going to get back into action. In particular, speaking live on Rossiya-24 TV channel Yulia Spivakova, an official spokesperson of the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot, named a possible timing for resumption of international flights. According to her, the company expects to relaunch flights approximately in mid-summer.

“Today, it is difficult to tell the exact dates,” Spivakova stressed. “According to our best case scenario, international flights could resume as early as in mid-summer already. Some recommendations might be made for passengers to keep a certain distance from their fellow travelers. It can be definitely said that we are going to maintain intensive aircraft cleaning as long as it is necessary.”

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