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The reconstruction of Krasnoyarsk Territorial General Hospital has resulted in a criminal case. Chances are there will deferred political consequences. Some believe it is highly likely to become a problem for Krasnoyarsk Governor Alexander Uss as well.

Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine on “Putin Illness and Power Transit in Russia”

"According to the baseline scenario in the medium term, the state model of 'Putinism' with or without Vladimir Putin will be kept in Russia," says the document that assesses the threat to Ukraine's security allegedly posed by Russia.

Putin is Forced to Leave, Says Russian Political Activist

"Navalny's actions, at first glance pointless, are aimed at causing discontent among the ordinary Russians, and in its wake Putin should agree to step down and declare someone, for example, Alexei Kudrin [the chairman of the Accounts Chamber] his successor," writes the Russian political activist Valery Skurlatov.

How Much does Sobering Up Cost for People?

As of this year, sobering stations have officially reopened in Russia. After several years of “alcohol freedom,” the government is concerned about the safety of people who have got drunk too much. According to the authorities, it is in winter that the risks for drunk people are the highest.

Popular Soviet and Russian Actor Quits Scene

On January 28, Vasily Lanovoy, People's Artist of the USSR and the acclaimed veteran of the Russian theatrical stage and screen, passed away at the age of 87 in a Moscow hospital.

United Russia Might Bring Putin Down

At the beginning of 2021, a new electoral cycle began in Russia. Moreover, many experts underline that the situation is somewhat different from what it was in the past. This time, the election campaign before the State Duma election scheduled for September 2021 will be combined with the Presidential campaign of 2024 to some extent.

Turns for Better are Likely in Russia, Says Expert (Part 1)

In the U.S., the newly elected but not young and painfully familiar Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has finally taken over the presidency. What is likely to happen not only in the U.S. but also in Russia in the coming year? Political expert Anatoly Wasserman shared his opinion on possible events in an interview with

Demand Made to Putin “to Resign and Peacefully Announce It by February 15”

Notably, the authors of the text address Vladimir Putin on first-name terms. They threaten him with criminal prosecution and prison. The article describes the peculiarities of life in Russian penal colonies in living color and mentions even more severe consequences.

Political Analysts Assesses Role of Finance Minister and CB Governor in “Conspiracy Against Putin”

Recently, some Russian experts have voiced the opinion that certain members of the ruling elites are likely to be conspiring against the Russian President.

Important Moment During Putin's Comment on "Palace"

"As it seems to me, during Putin's answer to the question about the "palace" in Gelendzhik on the Black Sea, there was a point of particular importance. The authorities realized that they could no longer keep silent as they had done before. Therefore, they went on the defensive," said Gelman.

Following Loss of Human Lives at Capitol, US Loses Its Right to Churn Out Advice on How Others Should Live

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman from St.Petersburg, commented on the approval procedure of the U.S. presidential election results. It took place against the backdrop of protest actions near the Capitol Building. According to him, these events showed that the U.S. political elite had turned the country into a laughingstock and, therefore, the U.S. had lost the right to dole out advice on how other countries should live.

Putin to Make Significant Statement at Beginning of 2021, Says Economist

In Mikhail Khazin’s opinion, the situation in Russia is aggravated by the fact that, in recent years, the global capitalist system has collapsed. He believes that, under these conditions, no world leader will be able to offer the world any alternative options for the future. However, Putin might have an alternative of this kind.

Putin is Turning Into a Second Lukashenko, Says Popular Poet

“Vladimir Putin’s status is already somewhat of Lukashenko's,” says Shenderovich. “However, since there is nothing to be done even with Lukashenko and it is impossible to dislodge him, so what can be said about Putin?"

Ex-FSB colonel: Putin considers fleeing to Germany

Throughout the whole 2020 Russian political scientists have been discussing the possible forthcoming transfer of transition of power in Russia, accompanied by an acute political crisis. The first expert to predict such an outcome was Valery Solovei.

“Her Own Style”: Rare Outing of Alina Kabaeva Catches Media’s Attention

At the end of last year, a photo of a rare outing of Alina Kabaeva was published on one of her fan accounts in social media. A former member of the state Duma and now a successful media-manager, she showed up at the event that nobody knows much about wearing a white shirt and a slim-fitted black cardigan.