Shugaley Comments on Chaos in Mozambique

According to Maxim Shugaley, head of the Foundation for National Values Protection, the chaos that reigned in Mozambique by mid-2021 is due to the connivance of local authorities and the arrival of radical Islamists from other countries in the north of the country.

Wanted Russian Businessman With Cypriot Passport and Three Firearms Licenses

Grave questions regarding a Russian citizen who also obtained the citizenship of Cyprus under the Citizenship for Investment program (canceled by the government of Cyprus in 2020 due to numerous violations – ed. note) have occurred in connection with the report of the special commission.

Dostoevsky and Doves

This was noticed not only by me that pigeons were the main connoisseurs of street sculptures. Why are they so obsessed with these stone monuments? They trample on hats, caps, bowlers, hair, bald heads, mustaches, uniforms, tailcoats and jackets. No dodgy patina would drive them away. Something in human images seems very charming to them.

Fingers of Harpist

But could you play right to the finish a nocturne on the strings of a snow-white harp? I plagiarized Mayakovsky’s poem purely to dive into a subject I know so little about. Namely, music. Today I am writing about harps and the fingers of harpists. It is completely a non-core subject for me.

Kostyukov's Empire, or How to Earn Millions on Housing and Utilities

COVID-19 pandemic which mobilized the Russian economy and society became a game-changer for several sectors and spheres of life. These days, special responsibility fell on doctors, drivers, energy, social and public utility workers who all came under pressure.

“Borsch Kit” Price Falling

As early as the end of July, prices of the main ingredients of the so-called “borsch kit” are expected to fall, the Ministry of Economic Development reported citing agriculture officials who said that the new harvest would decrease prices.

Central Ring Road Launched

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently launched traffic on the final section of the Central Ring Road (CRR). He attended the opening ceremony at the CRR Control Centre to give the green light to the traditional convoy of trucks with state flags.

Might Building Materials Prices Stop Rising?

Contrary to predictions, the prices in the Russian market of building materials are increasing. First of all, for lumber, PVC products, bricks, and concrete.

FBI Calls UN to pay Attention to Police Brutality in U.S.

Foundation To Battle Injustice (FBI,) a Russian human rights organization, has sent an open letter to the UN Human Rights Council. The FBI is asking UNHRC President Nazhat Shameem Khan to ...

Good Faith Homebuyers Need to be Protected

A recent press conference addressed the rights of homebuyers in the secondary market and the risks of losing the purchased property without any compensation.

Prisoners or Migrants?

Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) director Alexander Kalashnikov suggested replacing migrant workers with convicts at many construction and industrial sites.

Provincial Town Sketch

For the life of me, this grumpy shaggy blackie (see photo 1), that barked at me as I came to the square in the provincial town of Kalyazin, reminded me of the cunning dog from ‘Chameleon,’ a short story by Anton Chekhov, which bit the finger of the goldsmith Hryukin.

CAR Residents Demand Punishment for Blue Helmets

Personnel of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) caused a motorcycle accident in which the driver was killed. CAR residents took to the streets to rally against the UN peacekeepers’ crime.

Geneva Summit: There will be no war

Vladimir Putin has reinstated Russia as a superpower. The meeting at the Villa Grange in Geneva ended the way it was supposed to end. I am not a soothsayer or visionary but I would like to remind you that before the Putin-Biden summit I had already published my assumption that ...

Nizhny Novgorod is Russian Silicon Valley

Popular journalists like Yury Dud are unlikely to come to Nizhny Novgorod to shoot a video about its Silicon Valley, but it is definitely worth visiting. During the Soviet times its enterprises and universities became the pioneers in many areas that gave rise to today's high technologies.