Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Tells When COVID-19 Epidemic is to be Over in Russia

The gradual removal of restrictive measures is about to start. At the same time, the vast majority of the Russians continue to ask themselves the same question – when is the epidemic in Russia to be over? Elena Malinnikova, an infectious disease specialist at the Russian Ministry of Health, tried to answer this question.

Economist Sergei Guriyev Predicts When Russian Economy to Recover after Epidemic

“The official forecast for Russia should be made by the Ministry of Economic Development,” said Sergei Guriyev. “But if you visit their website, you will see that no forecasts have been published there recently.”

State Duma Hears Proposal to Provide Russians With Free Face Masks, United Russia Is Against

It is worth noting that Valery Rashkin, a member of the Communist Party faction did not actually suggest anything new. He only put forward a proposal that had been obvious for a long time, especially on the background of experience in a number of Western countries, where the distribution of protective equipment to the residents is a common practice during a pandemic.

Governors’ Residences and Enrichment Methods found out where the governors of the Russian regions of Leningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Tambov and Penza live and how they help their relatives earn money.

How Money is Withdrawn from Togliattiazot. Part 2. Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Fictitious Construction Contracts

We continue publishing a series of investigations about the channels for withdrawing profits from PJSC Togliattiazot, one of the largest industrial enterprises in the Samara Region.

Russian Academic Says Governmental Greed Main Problem in Russia During Pandemic

According to Maxim Mironov, professor of finance at IE Business School in Madrid, greed of the government is the main problem in Russia. Apparently, the officials are reluctant to use the finances accumulated in the Stabilization Fund.

Head Doctors of Medical Centers for Coronavirus Patients Tell About COVID-19 Situation in Moscow

Denis Protsenko, the head doctor of Moscow's Kommunarka medical center for coronavirus patients, and Alexei Svet, the head doctor of City Clinical Hospital No. 1, have spoken about the situation around the novel coronavirus in Moscow and what to expect of it.

State Duma Deputy Predicts “Serious Political Events” in Russia

“Discontent [among the ordinary Russians] has been growing for a long time: it has intensified since the pension reform was adopted in Russia. When the government steamrolled this completely irrelevant initiative, people began to realize that everything is not so good in our country,” said Denis Parfenov.

Analyst Says Sobyanin Seems to be Slowly "Taking Over" Power

In a recent interview, popular economist Dmitry Potapenko said that Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin had begun to “take on” too much power. It is less and less clear what sphere he is more interested in -- introducing new laws, controlling and strengthening his executive office, or supervising healthcare somehow.

Military Historian Evgeny Ponasenkov Predicts Important Political Events in Russia

He said he predicted last year that important events would take place in 2020. However, the coronavirus infection has intervened slightly adjusting the plans of the government.

Expert Economist Says Political Structure of Russia is Likely to be Destroyed

Earlier, Abbas Galyamov, a well-known political analyst, suggested that Vladimir Putin should provide additional financial assistance to the Russians.

Political Analyst Tells About Lukashenko's Rude Remark in Conversation with Putin Shortly Before Victory Day

He said that during the phone call with Vladimir Putin in response to his advice how to fight COVID-19, the President of Belarus started to ask for economic assistance. After receiving a negative reply, he interrupted the conversation.

How Money is Withdrawn from Togliattiazot

Making products that are always in demand all over the world – ammonia and urea, Togliattiazot is one of the largest enterprises in the Samara region. The situation in which the plant found itself looks even more puzzling – its name is more and more often mentioned either in connection with criminal chronicle or with emergency incidents.

State Duma Deputy on Support to Russians During Pandemic: They are Short of Money for Bread

Entrepreneurs whose business activity does not fall into a certain ECVED (Russian Classification of Economic Activities) category will not get state support, says State Duma deputy Oleg Shein. In this regard, he believes that the support measures specified by President Putin are not enough.

Chinese Scientists Tell How Coronavirus is Taking Root and Hiding in Human Body

According to scientists, the coronavirus infection was detected even in those patients who had been successfully cured from it. After recovering, they passed several tests for that pathogen, and the results turned out to be negative.