Oryol Titanic

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed to complete the construction of the Oryol regional clinical hospital as soon as possible. He promised to take its implementation under his personal control and assured Governor of the Oryol region Andrei Klychkov that he would provide all possible assistance.

Femme Fatale of Coal King

The disputes over the inheritance of Dmitry Bosov, the founder of the coal company Sibanthracite who committed suicide last year, were covered in the media a lot but wek.ru conducted its investigation to get a full picture.

French Media Discuss Russian PMC Successful Performance in CAR

The France 24 TV channel published the article on its website in which journalists admit that the Russian mercenaries were more successful in Africa in comparison with the French military.

Futures on Potato

Russian agricultural producers began selling potatoes a year in advance. Futures on agricultural products started being used when a trading company orders a set of vegetables to a producer in the fall, transferring an advance payment for the spring sowing season, and receives the product in batches at fixed prices during the harvest time.

Dangerous Work

The criminal investigation of former Minister of Forestry Dmitry Maslodudov, who is accused of bribery, is over in Krasnoyarsk. His brother who is a local entrepreneur was found guilty in this case earlier.

Accident at Listvyazhnaya Mine: 51 Dead and Over 60 Injured

A total of 52 people died in the Listvyazhnaya mine accident in the Kemerovo Region as of the morning of November 26. One of the rescuers who was considered dead and spent almost a day underground reached the surface reducing the number of victims of the tragedy to 51 people.

COVID-19 Makes Changes in the Future job Market

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a significant impact on the global labor market, say experts. This is evidenced by the findings of researchers and major global events…

Popular Film Director Passed Away

Vladimir Naumov, People's Artist of the USSR, USSR State Prize winner, Soviet and Russian film director, actor, screenwriter and instructor passed away on the eve of his 94th birthday. An entire era in the history of Soviet and Russian cinema went with him. Naumov was admired by his colleagues and his films were loved by millions of viewers.

International Organizations Drag Heels on Considering Complaints of DNR Residents About Ukrainian Security Forces

Russian human rights activist Maxim Vilkov gave a speech at events organized by international organizations. The third session of the Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law was held at the UN headquarters in Geneva on November 16-17.

Ministry of Industry and Trade Calls for Tenders

Krasnoyarsk has placed a state order for the liquidation of the territory of the former chemical plant which worked for the defense industry. The money for reclamation of another industrial site is allocated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, already tired of legal suits.

Who Wants to Take Over Rossiya Collective Farm and What Does Sugar Have to do With it?

Residents of the village of Grigoropolisskaya and shareholders of Rossiya, one of the oldest collective farms in the Stavropol Territory, continue to defend their company.

Krasnoyarsk Garbage Problem

A criminal case was initiated against one of the two large Krasnoyarsk landfill operators. The company was suspended. The second operator is still in business, but there are similar claims against it.

Foreign Investors are Invited to Siberia

The Yenisei Siberia integrated investment project was presented at the Cultural Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on November 11. The authorities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the republics of Khakassia and Tuva expect an influx of foreign investments.

Red Caviar is Sold at Black Market Prices Before New Year

The prices for red caviar reached a record high in October for the past 20 years. Retail prices jumped 30% exceeding 5,000 rubles ($ 67.23) per kilogram.

U.S. Rehearsed Nuclear Strike Against Russia, Says Russian Defense Minister

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has recently said that the United States worked out a scenario for a nuclear strike on the Russian territory. The drill was held just 20 km from the Russian border and involved ten US Air Force strategic bombers, said Shoigu.